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tv   Today  NBC  June 17, 2017 7:00am-8:41am EDT

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good morning. missing at sea. a desperate search underway this morning for seven u.s. sailors missing after their navy destroyer crashed into another ship. several members went to the hospital. the latest in a live report. hit list. authorities tell nbc news the congressional baseball shooter was carrying a handwritten list with the names of house republicans on it. one of the members of congress speaking to the gunman moments before he opened fire. as president trump hires a high-powered private lawyer after seemingly admitting he's under investigation in the special
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>> and i want to thank the jury for their long days, for their honest work. >> what is happening inside the jury room? will they reach a verdict? or is the case headed for a misstymi mistrial. the latest from the courthouse. all that plus -- >> we have a legal right. >> and protesting the julius caesar performance. and what happened to carrie
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ecees 2017. >> "today" live in studio 1a on rockefeller plaza. good morning to you, i'm craig melvin. >> and i'm sheinelle jones. >> good morning. >> it makes you look, my kid is about that age and not going to college. >> your boys play soccer. >> they do. you can get them out on the field and be well on your way. >> wait until you hear this kid's story. he's a talent. >> and calvin is six months today, right? >> yes, six months today. >> we'll get you that story in a moment. at least seven u.s. sailors are missing this morning after a u.s. naval destroyer and emergent ship collided off the coast of japan. the pentagon correspondent
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extensive. this morni heavily-damaged "uss fitzgerald" back in port after taking on water following a dangerous collision at sea. in the pre-dawn hours saturday morning, naval officials say a philippine-registered merchant vessel smashed into the much smaller navy destroyer while conducting routine operations off the coast of japan. the ship's bridge was damaged in the collision limiting communications with crew members on board. at least three crew members were airlifted off the ship to nearby hospitals, including the commanding officer, bryce benson, who is reportedly in sailors missing amidst fears they could have been thrown overboard or trapped inside damaged sections of the destroyer. the collection happening when many would have been asleep. the japanese coast guard is assisting with the search.
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says, right now we arecu of the two ships colliding. one is 500 feet and the other 700 feet, but the cargo ship was fully laden. when you think math equals force times velocity, there's a lot of mass on that ship. >> hans nichols for us, thank you. president trump is adding a heavy criminal law irto his defense team after taking to twitter after a top official oversees the russia investigation. and we are learning chilling new details about the gunman who had a hit list. kelly o'donnell is live at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. the president and mrs. trump are expected to make their first weekend visit to the presidential retreat run by the u.s. military known as camp david. a weekend getaway that escapes sof
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at the same time, those investigators w planning, buery interesting clue. a deepening mystery around the gunman behind wednesday's congressional baseball shooting. officials say james hodgkinson carried the handwritten list with the names of house republicans. including alabama's mo brooks, arizona trent franks and jeff dunkin. congressman dunkin said she shot to the shooter before he opened fire. >> i had an interaction with someone in the parking lot who asked if it was the democrat or republican team. i told him they were republicans. >> reporter: president trump says this could inspire unity. >> my dear friends, steve scalise took a bullet for all of us. our country will perhaps
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closer. >> reporter: in miami's littlei cuba's military-owned interests. but the president drew attention away from that with new actions tied to the russia investigation. president trump added a heavyweight criminal lawyer to his outside legal team, doude w banned star player pete rose. but can another lawyer bench the president's twitter day? friday the president declared, i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. referring to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the president delivered another surprise. he voluntarily released a federal financial disu
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the filing clearedtrp refusing release any tax returns. and sources close to the president's outside legal team say that in that tweet where he says i'm being investigated, he was simply referring to the published reports of him being under investigation. it was not conceding that he is, in fact, under investigation. so it's a distinction they are trying to make. also, vice president mike pence hired an outside lawyer as well. and friday he told reporters that is just a matter of something very routine. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. protesters took to the streets overnight outrages at the acquittal of the minnesota police officer who fatally shot and killed a man during a traffic stop. the aftermath broadcast live on facebook. nbc's blake mccoy is live in st. paul, minnesota,wi
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blake, good morning. >> reporter: g,t the state capi to protest through the streets, eventually ending on the freeway as officers work to disperse the crowd. overnight protesters shut down the freeway after marching from st. paul's state capitol protesting the injustice. the police officer jeronimo yanez was found not guilty in the shooting death of philando castile. he was shot five times during a traffic stop for a broken taillight last summer. his girlfriend broadcasting the aftermath live to facebook. ten white and two black jurors spent four days deliberating. new this morning, we're hearing from one
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chairs. but we had to do what we had to do. >> reporter: the jurors said the law favored the officer who took the stand and said, i was scared to death and thought i would die. yanez said castile smelled like pot, matched the description of a robbery suspect and thought he had a gun. >> you asked him to get his i.d., sir, his driver's license. >> reporter: officers say he had a permit for a firearm and the officer overreacted. castile's family is outraged by the verdict. >> my son loved his city and his city killed my son! and a murderer gets away. >> reporter: the officer's attorney says she's still very shook up and extremely happy
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go luntary separation agreement with the officer, help him transition into a new careeut officer with that community. >> blake mccoy there in st. paul, thanks. the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault case is entering the sixth day of deliberation still struggling to break a deadlock. can they reach a verdict or will the case end in a mistrial? ron allen is live at the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania, with more. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. it's been a dramatic and intense standoff here with the jury deliberating some 50 hours, that's longer than the entire trial. and long after the jury said it was deadlocked, some two days ago, returning to the courtroom more than a dozen times to ask questions of the judge or ask for testimony to be read back. legal experts expected a majority of the
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s jurors can deliberate for as long as they want to. the pecstart the case all over again. cosby left the courthouse last night thanking his supporters and the jurors for their hard work. he stands accused of sexually assaulting andrea constand back in 2004, a former temple university employee. cosby said their encounter was consensual. now, if he's convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison. now, dozens of women have come forward in recent years to accuse cosby of sexual misconduct, but this is the only time he can face criminal charges. when the jury reconvenes this morning, we could have a verdict at any moment or the deliberations could continue all day and into the night yet again. sheinelle? >> ron allen, thank you. katie is a former
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katieodold the judge they deadl once. re?il >> i don't think so. i think you're going to get a verdict today. and the reason why i say that is 52-plus hours of deliberation, those jurors want a result. but what is interesting is the continuous readback of the testimony. not only from the trial, but from prior depositions given by cosby. he has to figure out which way it is going to go. but i agree with what ron says, whoever is the hold-out or the hold-outs, plural, they are standing the ground right now and not backing off their convictions in this case. >> based on some of the questions that the jurors have asked the judge, and there have been a w
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yesterday at one point they asked about the deafilr fr bill. i think they wanted to hear from bill cosby. it was a defense decision strategically not to have him testimony because his exposure and cross-examination would have been profound, considering his prior sworn testimony. but here's the bottom line, you are not goucing to hear another allen charge from this judge. an allen charge is a dynamite charge, you want to blow up whatever the road is to getting a verdict. if the jury comes back to say they are deadlocked, the judge won't order them to go back for deliberations. thi i think it is done today no matter what. >> i think the judge is pushing the jury to reach a verdict. >> you can do a second allen charge or a third. but the risk is you look to start to look coercive demanding that the jury go back to reach a de
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high-profile case. now a check on the other het from cape cod. 57 passengers and crew were pulled from a ferryboat when it discovered a leak. 13 people were taken to the hospital. none of them have li life-threatening injuries. the coroner reports that carrie fisher's cause of death has been released. the l.a. apnea and other causes death. fisher's family said they did not want an investigation and are not surprised by the
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of the country. we're going to see this morning most ofgs in effect because of that line of ss moving through. the biggest threat today will be for a very large hail and damaging wind gusts. we have warm, moist air out ahead of the cold front. and right along the front itself, that will be the trigger to create sunday. not as severe as we're today, but you can see there are scattered showers and thunderstorms spreading throughout the ohio and tennessee river valley stretching back to the midwest as well. from chicago back to kansas city, this area in orange is our best chance of seeing the strongest storms today. again, the largest threat, not so much for tornadoes, but for hail and damaging wind gusts. we could see baseball sized hail
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that's a look at cross the ikey afternoon and evening. some witness damaginghe week, ma more showers around. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. now to the grocery shopping list to end all grocery shopping lists. amazon announcing that it's buying whole foods in a multibillion dollar deal. what does it mean for you? >> reporter: the grocery shopping wars have officially begun breaking records this week. amazon announced it's buying whole foods for $13.7 billion in cash, attempting to catch up to
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>> i think it is great. am across the country. each one no logical specimens of retailing anyone has ever seen if they want to. they don't just have to sell what whole foods is selling in the stores. >> reporter: whole foods gets a lifeline after struggling financial and losing dominance to organic foods. and analysts say it can be a good deal for consumers. >> they will have more selection. and you'll have lower pricing. and there will be two really, really big players making that happen. it will be walmart and it will be amazon. >> reporter: walmart hitting back with a major deal of its own. it's buying the popular online men's clothing company for $310
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million. edia.bbled up for $3sto on twitter, users imagining bezos to say, alexa, buy me some whole foods. sure, jeff, buying whole foods now. this could be what is coming down the pike. still to come, she's staying silent on social media, but the beehive is buzzing. is beyonce about to give birth? perhaps she already has. >> a look at that. plus, the great escape by two adventurous toddlers. check this out. a sky-high stunt to make your heart stop. we'll take a look at the week's most fascinating moments caught on camera. but first, this is "today" on nbc. rst this is today on abc.
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a horrific attack turned a congressional baseball practice into a war zone. >> this cell phone video capturing the moment shots rang out. >> the gunman, 66-year-old james hodgkinson, shot and killed by police. his target? republicans. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> five people shot including house speaker steve scalise, who was critically wounded. >> he's in some trouble. he's a great fighter, he'll be okay, we hope. >> thursday night the game went on. democratic and republican members of congress praying
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a deadly inferno tore through an apartment building at a working class neighborhood in london. the death toll still rising. >> at least 600 inside. >> people were calling, mom, dad, their loved ones. >> reporter: they signalled with flashlights and tied sheets to escape. firefighters battling to save them. >> he's a hero. and some incredible moments caught on camera. a bimp flyilimp flying over the open in wisconsin crashed and caught fire. the pilot suffering serious injuries. and a firefighter trying to battle a blaze in maine is lucky t
7:23 am
exploded engulfingi survived this terrifying wrong-way crash on a highway in utah. and this man and his wife made history with the heart-pounding stunt over niagara falls hanging on by her teeth. the golden state warriors are nba champions again after defeating the cleveland cavaliers for the second time in three years. two toddlers went viral when one helped the other escape from his crib with some words of encouragement. then a quick celebration and a hasty way to freedom. and the dream came true for me when i got to sing the song with the
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♪ hey hey hey honey i'm home >> i have been singing that song for days since i heard that. >> the thing is, people were like, did you just learn the lyrics? no, that's been my go-to karaoke song for decades. >> people don't know you have a healthy appreciation for country music. >> i'm a renaissance woman. >> she could not have been more delightful. you know when you add mire someone for so long and you meet them and they meet your expectations, that's a win. >> i spent time with her, she's right. that's now always the case here. now it's time to go to commercial. it turns out sharks are swimming closer to shore then a
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hi, good morning. it's 7:26 on this saturday, june 17th. i'm angie goff. happening in the news right now, we are following a triple shooting. d.c. police are trying to find out who shot three people overnight. this is video from that scene. two adults and a young person were hit by bullets on southeast. one person is in serious condition. follow the nbc washington app for updates. and metro's final safetrack surge is underway meaning a track shut down between shady grove and twinbrook is happening until june 25th. shuttle buses will replace the train. and we'll get a check on the father's day forecast with tom. that's next.
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well, it will be another hot one. let's check in with tom. here we are with the typical summer weather hanging in there. we have patchy dense fog around the region from the beaches all the way into the mountains. and otherwise just some low clouds will be with us here. storm team 4 radar not showing anything coming from the clouds, all dry under the low cloud cover, just humid and muggy. temperatures will be climbing into the mid-80s this afternoon. might get an isolated passing thundershower this afternoon as well as again sunday afternoon. highs near 90 tomorrow. maybe morning fog on sunday. then on up monday, partly sunny, hot and humid up near 90. and a likelihood of severe afternoon and evening storms on monday. some of them could produce damaging winds, hail and some very heavy downpours. that's on monday. then tuesday, a little less humid. might get some showers midweek here on wednesday and
7:30 am
next weekend, maybe some back now on a saturday morning, the 17th day of june. look at the kids out here from coast to coast. a big saturday morning crowd. we'll step out later to join the party. back inside studio 1a, i'm sheinelle jones alongside craig melvin and dylan dreyer. here's what is making news this morning, a desperate search is underway for seven u.s. sailors missing off the coast of japan after their navy destroyer collided with a container ship four times its size. at least three crew members including the captain have been airlifted to local hospitals. and we're learning new details this morning about the congressional baseball shooter. authorities telling nbc news he was carrying a hit list with the names of house republicans on .
7:31 am
even spoke to the gunman ault i national news. obviously, she's referring to the recent terror attack in london, manchester and this week's deadly inferno of the apartment building in london. and this morning a massachusetts teenager is facing 20 years behind bars after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a very high-profile criminal case. she was on trial for urging her boyfriend over the phone to kill himself. morgan radford has more on that. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, guys, good morning. this is a tragic tale of depression and teen suicide. after six days of he said/she said testimony, a judge made a controversial ruling that one person can be held legally responsible for the suicide of another. a bombshell verdict. >> we now find you guilty. >> reporter: michelle carter wiping away tears after a judge convicted her of
7:32 am
manslaughter, saying she c suff himself with carbon monoxide, leag family shattered. >> it's been a very tough time for our family. and we would like to just process the verdict. >> reporter: the family's lawyers argue that roy could have been saved. >> were it not for the actions of michelle carter, conrad roy would still be alive. >> reporter: the decision was sent straight to a judge. at the heart of his verdict was the critical moment when roy expressed doubt. roy texted, i'm freaking out again, i'm overthinking. carter responded, i thought you wanted to do this. the time is right and you're ready. you just need to do it. when he later got scared and left the car, carter texted a friend, i told him to get back in. i couldn't have him live that way. >> this court finds that instructing mr. roy to get back
7:33 am
a carter. >> reporter: her defense team stunned. >> i'm disappointed. i'm not going to comment any further. >> reporter: they argue roy was determined to kill himself with or without carter's help. citing a 2012 chilling tape. >> you don't have to be happy. >> reporter: carter faces up to 20 years behind bars. the verdict sending a strong message about the power of words. >> one of the concerns that some people might have is the slippery slope concern. michelle carter, horrible actions. what about the next case? will it be so horrible? or will prosecutors also be involved in manslaughter charges? >> reporter: carter will be sentenced as an adult on the 20th. even though this event happened when she was just 17 years old. she has no contact with the roys. and the final made a final plea to anyone struggli
7:34 am
help before it isprecutor katie have you. thank you for being back. this may surprise a lot of folks because suicide is generally thought of as an act that is done with one's own freewill, under one's own freewill, what does this case mean moving forward with regards to precedent? >> it's a huge precedent-setting case, craig. because right now the judge has determined by way of his verdict of guilty for involuntary manslaughter for michelle carter that words are now weapons. just like bullets in a gun, if you use the right word and you are actually using those words against a defendant, you can be convicted. now, guys, we heard from morgan, two critical determinations made by the judge to support the finding of guilt. one, she ordered him to get back in the car when she texted him and said, i can't do it. she said, go back and do it. she coul
7:35 am
call for the helthsgusting as i does encouraging someone to commit suicat not fall under free speech. >> well, at this point, legally, all of the elements of involuntary manslaughter were met by the prosecution. meaning that if you know that there's a substantial likelihood of harm to a victim, and you do something by way of reckless conduct as evidence by what she did, michelle carter did, then you can be found guilty of that crime. >> then looking forward, she's looking at 20 years in prison, what do you expect her sentence to be? >> her range can be anywhere from probation to 20 years. what i expect, guys, is a sentencing on august 3rd of some type of jail time followed by lengthy probation. but i also expect a serious appeal done by her lawyer to go as far up as the massachusetts supreme court. because this is a new construction of the law of involuntary manslaughter in the state of massachusetts. >> that d
7:36 am
for the appeal? >> it is so new properly by the judge. phang, thank you so much. ans back with another check of the weather. what are we looking at here this weekend? >> dangerous heat in the southwest. we are looking at perhaps record-breaking high temperatures. we've got excessive heat warnings all through the southwest, including most of california down through arizona and even over into texas and oklahoma, up into the midwest we have heat advisories. so 55 million people will see some extreme heat. temperatures well over 100 degrees in the southwest. and we're also looking at high humidity down south. that makes it feel warmer because your body can't sweat it out as easily. and you end up with those warmer feels-like temperatures. phoenix today, 110 degrees. el paso, 106. that's 13 degrees above average. as we look to parts of california on sunday, the record in palm ng
7:37 am
130 degrees. look at palm springs on tuesday, 121 degrees. the all-time record is 122. we'll be close to that in palm springs by tuesday of next week. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. good morning, we have low clouds and the patchy fog. we have it around the region that will be dissipating gradually throughout the rest of the morning. then after that, we'll into the mid-80s with an isolated thundershower this afternoon and again on sunday afternoon. a little hotter tomorrow. then some severe storms are looking more likely now monday afternoon into the evening. some of them could do damaging winds and hail and heavy downpours. less humid on tuesday, maybe a few more showers midweek. and then next saturday a week from today, scattered storms are possible in the afternoon. >> that's your latest forecast. okay. still ahead, c
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this could be the song for the summer. >> rihanna's latest song has the music world going wild. and if you plan to cool off at the beach, beware. watch out for sharks. an important warning from jeff rossen this morning right after this. m jf in any light, transitions® lenses help protect from uv rays and harmful blue light. both indoors... and out. they seamlessly adapt. so you can live the good light™. find an eyecare professional at now, finance your glasses with no interest if paid in full within six months, and get up to $30 back when you combine select essilor® brand lenses. visit for more details. to test her favorite soap... against dove. so we are using this test paper... ...that represents skin. the paper is dissolving... and dove is not dissolving...
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this morning on rossen reports update a safety alert before you head into the water this weekend. before owe head into the water this weekend, sharks are on the rise in knee-deep water. >> what do you do if a shark is approaching? jeff rossen with some life-saving tips. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. already this year there's been a record number of shark sightings. with temperatures on the rise and many of us taking our kids to the beach, we all need to be aware. but it turns out there are things you can do to protect yourself before and even during a shark attack. from hoou
7:42 am
o the one color go face-to-face with a slatest att headlines just this week. a giant shark targeting this mother of three as she snorkels in the bahamas. >> it honestly felt like i bumped into something. and i turned casual to see what i hit, and i turned and was face-to-face with a shark. >> reporter: the shark bit her and took off her right arm. >> my kids have me as a mother and i have my family and i have a life. >> reporter: it's happening more often than you think worldwide. 40 unprovoked shark attacks reported so far this year. four of them fatal. and the sharks are out in force. here's the fin in the water. you can see the fin in the water right there. there's a shark right there. we already spotted several off
7:43 am
there. this is where we swim. this is where our kids swim. this is as far out as i would come with my kids. we are very close to the shoreline. it's scary. so how can you protect yourself if you come face-to-face with a shark. there are things you can do before you get in the water, right? >> yes. >> reporter: we're on the beach with steve kessel, a shark scientist. >> you want avoid wearing shiny jewelry. because it can make the shark mistake you for the scales of a fish. >> reporter: and you are saying there's a color not to wear? >> bright yellow. this can extend to bright yellow. dark swimwear is favorable. >> reporter: and there's a time not to swim in the ocean. >> avoid the dark times and early in the morning. >> reporter: if i'm in the water and see a shark, i would be paralyzed by fear or start
7:44 am
frantic. what do frantically swim. if you run away from a it will chase after you. if you face the shark, keep it in eyesight and back up as calmly as you can to shore. >> reporter: what if the shark gets aggressive or bites you? punch it it in the nose? >> go on the offensive and attack the eyes and the gills. they are more sensitive than the nose and more likely to ward it off. >> reporter: get to the shark in the eyes and the gills. >> yes. >> here's another interesting fact about sharks. their metabolism speeds up in the summer. that means they are more hungry. why wouldn't they be? and with more of us in the water, you have seen what can happen. not great timing for their metabolism to be speeding up while we are at the beach in the water. back to you guys. >> an interesting tidbit. >> face the shark and back up slowly. that's the expert advice. u
7:45 am
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we are back we are back on a saturday morning with more shark news. >> the discovery channel just released shark programming and michael phelps will take place this year. and your jaws will drop when you find out how. let's go to dylan with details. >> this is wild. when you're the world's most decorated athlete, competing near humans can get boring after a while. that's the case for michael phelps making a splash during this year's shark week. he's going to become the first person to willingly race against one of these guys, a great white shark. you heard that right. the event is entitled "phelps versus shark." the logistics of the race are still unclear. there's more than a lane marker separating these two guys, i hope. it
7:49 am
he said, i was able to jive with great white sharks. he's living the classic retired lifestyle, but we still don't know how the race is going to pan out. >> i respect michael phelps. i mean, he's one of the greatest athletes in the history of the world, but i think i put my money on the shark. >> if you go back to the graphic, the shark's mouth is open and phelps -- there you go, come back. come on. >> he will swim backwards. >> there you go. you are listening to jeff rossen. thank you, dylan. still to come, scratching your head to find a gift for father's day. >> i hope not. >> we have last-minute gift ideas he's going to love. but first, this is "today" on nbc. "t oday" on nbc.
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good morning, everybody. it is 7:56 on this saturday, june 17th. i'm angie goff. we want to get a check on the stories making news this hour. officials say that the alexandria baseball shooter james hodgkinson had a list of republican names on him. among the list were congressman trent franks, jeff dunkin and mo brooks. officials don't know what the list means. house gop whip steve scalise one of four shot remains in critical condition. in other news this morning, the metro safetrack surge gets underway today meaning track shut down near shady grove is until june 25th.
7:57 am
the shuttle buses are replacing
7:58 am
7:59 am
a lot of sunshine this saturday, but there could be some shower, right, tom? >> we'll get sunshine breaking out and fog in the rural areas. that will dissipate shortly. right now the storm team 4 radar is all dry due to low clouds. we'll be breaking up the sun. and during the afternoon we'll have the mid-80s. the warm and humid day. by mid to late afternoon, we'll have the heavier downpours in the shenandoah mountains. and elsewhere, a few passing showers. still humid up near 90. then a likelihood of severe storms monday afternoon into monday evening. we may get some sun producing damaging winds and hail and some heavy downpours. it settles down on tuesday. maybe some showers
8:00 am
that saturday, wemi good morning. missing at sea. a desperate search underway this morning for seven u.s. sailors missing off the coast of japan after their navy ship crashes into another ship. the latest on the live report. and the hit list. the chilling details into the congressional shooting. the gunman was carrying a handwritten list with the name of house republicans on it. that as president trump hires a high-profile lawyer after admitting he's under investigation in the russian probe. and football phenom.
8:01 am
who has a from southwest virginia to the "today" show. >> happy sweet 16, kristen. >> we are wearing cheese heads. >> celebrating our 16th anniversary. >> happy birthday, grace. >> that's me. >> and our family vacation. good morning. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning with a beautiful crowd out here on the plaza. thank you for stopping by to say hello. are you excited to celebrate father's day tomorrow? i guess what else are they going to say. they are like, yes.
8:02 am
you say to. but first we'll start with today's news. i'm tom nichols in washington. this morning the heavily damaged "uss fitzgerald" is back in port after taking on water following a dangerous collision at sea. in the pre-dawn hours saturday morning, the merchant vessel somehow smashed into the much smaller navy destroyer while conducting routine operations off the coast of japan. the ship's bridge was damage in the collision limiting communication with crew members on board. at least three members were airlifted to nearby hospitals
8:03 am
including thend overboard or trapped inside damaged sections of the destroyer. the collision happened when many would have been asleep. the japanese coast guard is assisting with the search. and in a statement the navy says, right now we are focused on two things, the safety of the ship and the well-being of the sailors. and a big issue they are looking at is how and why that collision occurred. when you look at the photos, it doesn't look like a direct t-bone but more of an angle. but still they couldn't avoid it. >> it is hard to understand how something like that happens, thank you. and president trump added a criminal heavyweight lawyer to his legal team after taking to twitter to vent his frustration that a top official is overseeing the investigation. and we're learning chilling details about the congressional charity baseball practice. the gunmand
8:04 am
wednesday shooting rampage that including house republican whip steve scalise still in critical condition. they found no specific evidence of pre-planning when they checked out the computer and phone belonging to james hodgkinson. but they did find a fascinating clue. sources say the gunman was carrying a hit list with the names of house republicans. among those, alabama's mo brooks, trent franks and jeff duncan, who a chilling coinciden coincidence, said only khodgkin asked him which political party was practicing there. and the president delivered a surprise by releasing a new
8:05 am
form. nge and on thing that the low side of that number it's estimated at $595 million. and that report did go through the office of government ethics. now, this is not his tax return. he's still refusing to release any of those, but it is some new information about his wealth. craig? >> kelly from the white house, thank you. the shooting as congressman scalise provoked a performance during a presentation of "julias caesar." >> this is not acceptable! >> conservatives complain the updated production promotes violence against republicans because julias caesar is donald trump.
8:06 am
againand, quote, other undetermined facts as a cause of death. the report mentioned the 67-year-old suffered from heart disease and showed signs of having to take multiple drugs. fisher's family said they did not want an investigation and are not surprised by the findings. a citizen hero is speaking out about how he overcame two murder suspects. patrick hale said he was only thinking of protecting his young daughter and himself when he spotted johnny roe and ricky debose approaching his home. he tried to get away, but the escapees surprised him. >> for some reason, they started to surrender and laid down on their stomachs on my concrete driveway. if that doesn't make you believe in jesus christ, i don't know
8:07 am
avildsen has died. h directing the first three "karate kid" movies. both stars tweeting messages of condolence last night. avildsen conducted "lean on me" back in 1986. john avildsen was 81 and died from pancreatic cancer. let's go to dylan out on the plaza. >> good morning, guys. we're celebrating a lot on the plaza today. this guy is doing most of the celebrating. what is your name? >> bob. >> where are you from? >> minneapolis. >> let's check things out. my 65th birthday, happy father's day and you just retired. how are you enjoying your trip to new york city? >
8:08 am
>> let's say hpyego. we had to get that all in. we'll look at the weather across the area. we'll see storms moving in ahead of this front. we have a front moving in to create storms this afternoon. some could be severe. then tomorrow you see it move farther into the east, especially in and around the great lakes region. so from chicago back to kansas city, the area in orange, that's where we could see baseball-sized hail. also damaging wind gusts. isolated tornadoes, you can't rule those out, but tomorrow it's a very extensive line of storms possible from upstate new york down to texas. not as many severe storms, but we could see large hail and damaging winds. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. some of the severe storms will likely be here on monday between now and then. this afternoon we might get a
8:09 am
otherwise, just partly maybe a few thunderstorms. but some of the thunderstorms monday afternoon and monday evening could produce damaging winds and hail and heavy downpours. then less humid on tuesday and partly cloudy, maybe a few more rain showers midweek. after that, it sells down to next weekend as we get more storms. >> and that is your latest forecast. guys? thank you, dylan. still to come, the eighth edition of being crownedville d valedictorian is becoming a thing of the past. and coming up, we'll break down the bruce springsteen rumors right after this.
8:10 am
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. we are back on a saturday morning and it is time to trend. >> let's trend with a question. were either one of you valedictorians in high school? >> no, but i think this is a sensitive subject for sheinelle. >> i was valedictorian with a 3.96. i was distinguished for no reason junior year. >> and look at you now. >> fine. >> so it looks like the tradition itself may become a thing of the past. ranking students based on great point averages has been fading steadily for the past decade. the national association of secondary school principles
8:13 am
high schools no one school in tennessee that had 48 valedictorians. >> that's like a participation ribbon. >> yeah. so what is behind the change, you ask? schools say they want every student to feel special. and they should all be held to the same high expectations. they also believe that rankings create unhealthy competition among students. >> competition is healthy. >> competition, i disagree 100%. first of all, a lot of the students who are valedictorian, di victoria, victoria worked her heiny off. but some are missing parties. and they deserve a moment in the sun and having this for the rest of their life. it is not punishing other kids. it's supporting the one who worked their
8:14 am
college acceptance -- >> i remember when i got to northwestern, i got a 3.96 gpa. >> that's the second time we have heard her high school gpa. >> then i got to northwestern and the girl in my suite was like, i had a 4.25. and i was like, i have a 4.1. i'm like, how are you above the 4.0? they have a different scale. >> we should get to "pop start" before we hear her college gpa. >> what did you get in college? let's move on to "pop start." first up, has she or hasn't she had them? that's the question in the beehive? we rounded up some of the funniest fan theories to hold you over. theory number one, beyonce is giving birth to twins to put a stop to your gemini hate once and for all. number two, the supar
8:15 am
deliver beyonce's twins. the suspense is on. another day, another epic deejay collaboration to tell you about. the first time the superstar teamed up with rihanna and s santana. people are going wild for it. is it a song of the summer contender. ♪ when i was you >> i like it. >> i guess if it works. >> it makes the song. >> we should note, we can't play a large portion of the video because of -- >> a little
8:16 am
june 23rd. and could bruce springsteen coming to broadway? the boss is gearing up to play an eight-week run at the walter care theaters this fall. word on the way is that springsteen will perform a paired down version of his shows. it's believed that this run could be the precursor to a musical adaptation of his autobiography "born to run." we reached out to his rep, but bruce, if you're watching, we think it's a great idea. >> a glorious idea. >> glorious. >> that's going to be good. if that happens, right? >> "jersey boys" is one of my favorite shows. and when you work the show around the music hits you know -- >> it's like going to a party, yeah. good stuff. dylan dreyer, thank you. still ahead, thence between fifth grade and football. we will meet one of the youngest college sar
8:17 am
ever who seems to
8:18 am
8:19 am
news to celebrate when any student athlete gets a full ride college scholarship but what if the it is amazing when you reach a full-ride scholarship. but what happens when the student has not reached middle school. >> this recipient is one of the youngest ever. >> reporter: quick feet, goods hands, great workout. >> he wants to be the best on the field. he pushes every single day. >> reporter: this shows his star-making maturity in this 11-year-old athlete. and it landed this boy a full scholarship offer to the university of hawaii after just finishing the fifth grade. the youngster tweeting his gratitude to hawaii's head c.
8:20 am
scholarship when i'm 11. >> reporter: he could be one of the youngest to receive a scholarship to a university. but this is part of a different trend. offers have also been given to sixth and seven graders. how young is too young for colleges to come knocking? >> he's the best fifth grader on the field and we have no idea what he's going to grow into. >> reporter: some say it is too much on athletes of this age. >> when you focus so much on football, it takes too much to get away from experiencing life as a child. >> reporter: his dad frank calls it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> we are all trying to get that one, that one 200,000, 250,000,
8:21 am
take it. tomorrow. a lot of things could change. but we take the opportunity as it comes. >> reporter: do you ever get tired of football? >> no. never? you never get tire of football. a college offer in the hands of talented football player. steve paterson, nbc news, hawaii. we should note these types of offers are often about building relationships and making headlines and are not legally binding because of strict ncaa headlines. the university of hawaii could of the confirm the offer, but the family insists it's real. pressure on a kid? >> absolutely. absolutely it does. in fact, i would argue it puts too much pressure on them. >> from here on out, he has to be constantly reminded -- >> or he feels like it. >> or you never want to stub your toe
8:22 am
>> it is kind of like puthe kid you could have, like, six or seven scholarships. >> you could do three or four more as well. >> let's go to commercial. and the outdoor movie screen. talk about this, we have the fabulous -- >> no, let's do that. talk about the gifts there. >> for all you last-minute shoppers out there. also, a way to a man's heart is his stomach, of course. we'll cook up a delicious storm out on the plaza. about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source... ...of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms.
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8:26 am
good morning, the time now is 8:26 on this saturday, june 17th. i'm adam tuss. here's a look at what is happening on this saturday morning. d.c. police are trying to find out who shot three people overnight. this is vid xweo from the scene here. two adults and one young person were hit on southeast. one person is in serious condition. and officials say the alexandria baseball shooter james hodgkinson had a list of republican names. among the list were trent franks, jeff duncan and mo brooks. steve scalise was one of the four shot and remains in critical condition. and in other
8:27 am
there. we'll look the kierein coming up next.
8:28 am
you may notice some people dressed a bit differently on the streets in d.c. today because awesome con is
8:29 am
books and all things geeky. tom kierein has your saturday forecast right now. this morning we are starting off with a lot of low cloudiness and fog lingering many the rural areas around the bay and at the beaches. but we are not anticipating it all to be dry. i see sprinkles near the shoreline. and later today, up in the mid-80s. maybe an isolated thundershower this afternoon. about a 40% chance of that. and tomorrow, a little hotter on sunday and staying humid today and again tomorrow. then a possibility of strong to severe storms monday afternoon and evening. highs near 90 degrees. less humid on tuesday, in the mid-80s. a few rain showers wednesday afternoon and thursday afternoon. and then dries out the next friday and next weekend. a week from today, maybe afternoon storms on that
8:30 am
thank you very much. we'll we're back on june 17th, 2017. what a beautiful crowd we have here. >> i love the summertime crowd. makes me feel important. >> they're looking to have a good time. are you >> i love the summertime crowd. makes me feel important. >> shouldn't you be in a commercial or something? so >> if you get cash or something, you owe me 10%. >> maybe you can cut her a deala still to
8:31 am
everybody gathers around.d every that could be fun. >> wink, wink. >> you won't be believe how cooo these are. and we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. so we are grill i a sweet corn and pork dish out on the plaza. and we are going to have nd. showers around the country, bute not a washout.. we'll focus on the tropics, you can see the area of low pressuro that could develop into tropical storm bret in the next couple oe days. nex right now we have a t c40% chans of developing into a storm in the next 48 hours. we have something to keep an eye on here. and we have a big storm that is way,
8:32 am
midwest. scattered showers and storms, not every second, but some of the storms could be severe with hail and damaging winds. scattered showers are up and down the east coast. the record high temperatures are out west. we could see breaking or at least tying all-time record highs in the desert southwest with highs near 120 to 121 degrees. that's crazy. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. it is mild and humid on this saturday morning. a little fog lingering in some of the rural areas and near the waters. that will be gradually dissipating. highs near 80 this afternoon. might get a passing thundershower early evening. and again tomorrow, hotter on sunday and staying humid tomorrow. then hot and humid on monday. up near 90 again on monday afternoon. and there is a pretty good chance of some strong to s
8:33 am
early evening >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. from books to the big screen, "captain underpants" has been capturing children's imaginatiod for years. onbut what goes behind the scenes to make a movie like that to come to life? joe fryor takes us >> you will obey my every command. >> reporter: from the pages ofc popular children's books and unconventional superhero dressed in tighty whities is taking to the screen. "captain underpants" is in theaters now. and this man is the voice behind the dim-whited star. c how excited are you to play captain underpants? >> i can't tell you my un excitement ofde playing captain underpants. it's every actor's dream,
8:34 am
so i'v uunderwear for three years of my life. yea >> reporter: for all the laughs, animated flicks are serious are business making up 7 of the top 20 movies last year according t0 the latest numbers, earning morh than $2an $ billion at the box office. at least 18 cartoon features are expected this year including new chapters from beloved franchisea like "cars" and "despicable me." it's a crowded field driven by high demand which is just fine with the producers behind "captain underpants." we love it because we believe i isis endless.e we create worlds. >> and it allows us to tell many more stories. tell >> reporter: dreamworks gave usm a rare behind-the-scenes studio where artwork from the latest creation lines the hallway. about 400 people worked on "captain underpants" in a two-year process, much faster that the typical
8:35 am
ther than sketching from fawn scratch, he drew from the books. >> they are very, very easy to o draw. so easy, in fact, that it l sometimes feels aike lbit like cheating. >> reporter: he's evolved fromh pencil and paper to digital. no the movie's looks were inspired by books. pi funny,n't see what is sored but you're amazing.>> >> reporter: the voices were g. open to interpretation by thee actors including kevin hart and ed helm.d to all encouraged to ad lib at ex will. you explain to people that all d you did is walk in and read a w few lines, it must be the eas easiest job in the is it? >> yes, it is. not so many things
8:36 am
production that are difficult d are strippedpa technology can be painstaking. t director david soren walked us r through a 33-second clip. it how much work close into puttins together a scene like this?>> t >> this is a particularly trick sequence to work out. >> reporter: he says this one re section was woreworked repeated over the p betterart part of th years. >> we were>> we constantly fine this and working tooth beats an the joke and the action. the >> reporter: tireless work, butw in the world of animated movies, all the tools in the world don'e matter without a great story. >> it's got to be about the story. yeah.ry. and this is a famed story.toda >> reporter: for "today," joe y, fryor, nbc news, los angeles.. >> taking thene country by stor >> what aa fascinating process. two years, 400 peo
8:37 am
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hans zimmer is hitting the road with a artist who has reached the audiences far and wide and young and old. >> this is 59-year-old hans zimmer. he has composed some of the most influential movie music of a generation. ♪ and this was his reception last month at coachella music festival. did you ever think that the name hans zimmer would be considered hip and happening? >> music is sort of free of cultural boundaries. there are two types of music, good music and bad music, and we try our hardest to give you an experience of good music. >> reporter: the idea of hans zimmer at coachella is disconnect.
8:40 am
milla ways are arcing back to other moments in the soundtrack of their lives. >> reporter: zimmer's scores have made movie goers laugh. >> how did you do that? >> reporter: and cry for the past 30 years. "pirates of the caribbean," "interstellar" and "the lion king," just a few of the 150-plus film that is have earned more than $24 billion at the box office. if i give you a title, if you could give me the emotion. "driving miss daisy." >> "driving miss daisy." it's about my mom and me. >> reporter: the dark knight. >> heath ledger, i mean, his
8:41 am
it. career, zimmer's taking his music on the road. the wmaestro and the 60-person orchestra performing his hits live to sold out venues around the world. live on tour, is it what you imagined it to be? >> it is nothing like i imagined it to be. every night is different because the audience is different. three years ago, i never would have thought, i mean, you wouldn't have thought i would be in coachella let alone me, right? >> reporter: you've got a dual personality. you're hans zimmer, movie composer, but you're also hans zimmer rock star. accept the mantle. >> okay, all
8:42 am
>> repo: okit >> hans zimmer there on a saturday morning. f appreciate how terrific hans zimmer is until you start to listen to his music. >> you see the list, that was him and that was him. coming up, from golf to an inflatable movie screen. we'll give you some ideas for father's day. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
father's day is tomorrow. if you haven't picked up anything or need inspiration, we have some ideas. margaret is here and has you covered with good ideas. we have good stuff this morning. >> fabulous stuff for dad
8:45 am
>> yes, any dad l beach, you can take it tailgating. it's amazing.n out and get it. >> does it still have the grill taste? people like the authentic -- >> yes, it has grilled taste. just put charcoal in it. it's wrapped in a suitcase. get it done. >> who doesn't like golf? >> well, we have -- speaking of food, we have a little fuego box that comes with it. this is fantastic. if your dad is spicy, which i like, just give him the gift that keeps giving. it's an assortment of barbecue sauces that comes every month, it's $80, amazing. >> all the ladies are doing it for all sorts of things like the clothes. >> why not something like this? this is perfect. >> this is a great last-minute gift. you can do it the i
8:46 am
> i a little mustache. but this you can make in the morning with the kids. this is just a mason jar and put golf balls and tees in. you go to the craft room store and pick up stickers. >> and this is the best gift. >> beer and golf go great together. >> this works just like this. >> we have a beer. >> it looks like a golf club. you add the beer. >> let me help you with th
8:47 am
>> it's filled up already. >> i you can get this for about $50 or on amazon. want? >> craig, hayou can have this u. with now that i ruined your suit, i'll pay for your dry cleaning. >> we were talking with the guys this weekend, he likes the diy, for the kids to make something. >> and this is actually great to do with mom. you go to the craft store, get a box, you paint it and you just take a picture that you have at home or paint your dad's bottom of the shoe. so cute. >> so great. >> put the pictures in. dad will keep it on his desk. so beautiful. >> 30 seconds left. >> quick. it's always mommy and me. what about dads and me? neiman marcus, mini dude box, great with socks. >> and look at you
8:48 am
>> this is from screen. >> this is unbelievable for dads. if they want to be in the backyard with a projector, they are using it. and we have a mini projector to do it from on their iphone that you can get. plug into your iphone. but the big projector screen is from target or walmart. it's the cool thing for father's day. you have to get it. >> that's epic. >> it's amazing. >> thank you so much, sheinelle. >> if you want details on where to get everything you saw, head to up next, if food is a way to your father's heart. we have a mouth-watering dish you won't want to miss. but first, these messages. >> thank you, sheinelle. start by taking care of families for 70 years. earn the trust of 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest
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celebrating the fathe iwha.? simpe the summer, great weekend father's day barbecue chicken. >> it smells delicious. >> thank you. >> what are the ingredients? >> first we'll start off with a good barbecue. here we have what we made, we have 14 different herbs and spices in it. but you can buy one, make your own. but what makes our's unique is we have chilies from new mexico for the seasoning. we take a whole chick and have broken it down. >> how long should the chicken be in the rub? >> season it 10 to 15 minutes. you want it to marinate and ng
8:52 am
all the herbs and spice thist' it is five minutes a side. >> five minutes each side. >> medium to medium high heat. >> we'll start to cook the chicken. >> once it is to 145 degrees which is where we are here, we'll take the barbecue sauce, which we may get. if you don't want to make it, you buy your own. but 145 degrees, we'll start basing the chicken to give it a nice plate. and we'll let it finish cooking until it gets to 160 degrees to carry over to the 165. >> i stuck my finger in your sauce without permission earlier. >> that's okay. >> i can tell it is ketchup based. but you have other stuff in there. >> we have the traditional barbecue sauce base and we kick it up including a gluten free soy sauce in the barbecue sauce. and we also put a little all spice and cloves and oregano to give it a different flavor profile. >> this is absolutely d
8:53 am
>> happy father's dayyou eat, easy to do. fire up the grill, sign of the time, good to go. >> let's talk about the mexican street corn. >> this is super simple. we have it in the bowl right here, sour cream and mayonnaise. just mix that up. >> sour cream and mayonnaise. >> yes, sir. the greatest glaze ever. if you grill corn at home, why not put this on top. >> this is one of the things we are eating and i wish it was so good. i wish we could have the family come here and we wouldn't have to cook. >> i think we need to bring them out. >> maybe you should bring your kids here and share it with them. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. dude! oh, you made my morning. what is up? what are you doing here? you just said that you just
8:54 am
awaked. u looking at all the fans. this is my son and daughter, by the way. she loves it. she loves it. do you want some chicken? no, no chicken. >> it is still breakfast time. >> this is what you have to look forward to. >> i can't wait. >> what a pleasant surprise. >> we hear so much about you. >> we have a segment going on here. >> what we do is mix all this stuff together. we take a piece of the corn off the grill here. >> do you boil the corn first? >> no, do it from raw. it will develop the flavor with it. then take this sort of mix and smear it all over the top of that c
8:55 am
becaus itore flavorful. >> do you like corn? >> he does like corn. >> happy father's day, dad. >> do you want some corn? no? >> it's delicious. >> i'm so happy to see you. >> matt, thank you so much. great to see you. >> happy first father's day to you. we wanted to give you something in honor of father's day. shall we get that now? oh, my god. thank you so much, you guys. you are so sweet. i love it. i love it. >> by the way, if you want to go all out, why not enter your dad into the golf now sweepstakes and win the vip for two to scotland. >> scotland with dylan. >> dylan dreyer. >> the deadline for entering is tomorrow. head to our website, to enter. >> that does it for us this saturday morning.
8:56 am
good saturday morning, i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. straight ahead on "news4 today," we continue to follow breaking news this morning after a triple shooting overnight. take a look at video
8:57 am
scene in the coming up. and a u.s. navy destroyer and a japanese vessel collided off the coast. and this morning we're learning about some local ties to the common commander on board at the time of the incident. good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. we still have these low clouds lingering over much of the up region. and a little bit of that fog is around, but that is dissipating shortly. we may get the sun breaking out later today. and then we'll get some thunderstorms developing by later this afternoon as temperatures climb into the mid-80s. it will stay humid all day. i have the new hour-by-hour timing on the storms come right up. all that and more. plus, join us behind the scenes on facebook live when we start "news4 today." >> we are back in 90 seconds. see you then.
8:59 am
right now at 9:00, disturbing details about the man who opened fire at the congressional baseball practice. why the gunman could have had more victims. and the frantic search to find the missing sailors after a shipping vessel collided with the military ship off the coast of japan. and the final
9:00 am
we are following this story on n nbc4's washington app. first of all, it is 9:00. we are calling it father's day eve, right? >> it's a big weekend out there. >> hope you're having a good one so far. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. let's check in with tom kierein because we have fog to start off our saturday. things are burning off by now, right? things are starting to dissipate. but we have low clouds stubbornly hanging over the region. but they are lifting gradually. in fact, an


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